Monday, 14 January 2013

A tragic tale of Ella Cronin

So, after a lot of saying I would create a new YouTube channel and film some new videos I actually did it! Filmed with help and the equipment of Leah and Bradley of Chewymedia I created what was supposed to be a short, quick fire introduction video stating ten facts about me. Thanks to a bottle of wine that I had to myself it instead turned into me losing count and a lot of drunk rambling. 
Including quotes like 
" I wouldn't eat my cat... What the fuck?"
"Sand has magical powers" 

I'm wearing a mic so it's super professional, good quality and definitely worth a watch. 

Feel free to visit my YoTtube channel to subscribe, like and comment. If you do, know that you have donated one smile to Ella Cronin's face. 

Thank you for all the support and lovely messages I have had so far regarding my video. It's motivated me more than I can explain to carry on something I enjoy so much. 

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