Thursday, 11 April 2013

Stuff and Things - The gaming channel!

So the latest news is that me and my partner (Anthony Grey) are now running a gaming Youtube channel.

We've started off simple in our first week running. We have a horrifying Slender :The Arrival full game play through from myself featuring slightly ridiculous amount of cleavage. It just reached 1000 views so thank you everyone! You can watch it here.

We also have a gut wrenching Lets Play with Surgeon Simulator 2013 where the quote of the day was Anthony -"Ella, we lost the heart..." 
Me -"Yeah, I'm just going to trash the place." 

Another great feature about this channel and why we are so excited to now have it up and running is that we want to create and get involved with a community of gamers. David Taylor is also part of our small team bringing you play throughs of new found games weekly. 
Check out the first video David Plays Don't Starve! - Episode 1

We have a lot of big plans for this channel so go subscribe to watch it develop -

We are going to have a weekly news video where me and Ant present a video about the latest games releases, updates and general news in the gaming world. We are also going to have a few more people jumping on board with videos soon so the channel will be updating regularly.

Let me know what you would like to see from our channel? Is there any particular games you would like to see videos for? It would be also be great to know what you think so far!

Sunday, 31 March 2013

A pocket full of geekery for your wardrobe

I'm always on the hunt for new fabric for my online store and when I found glorious woven cotton that made my inner geek scream I knew I had found some of my favourite pocket designs so far. The new pocket t-shirts and jumpers now being featured on my store are the Star Wars pocket t-shirts and Heroes pocket t-shirts which you can see below.

By far the most popular t-shirt on the store since the TARDIS pocket t-shirt (which is currently sold out).  I personally loves the pocket design but really wasn't prepared for the widespread popularity this pocket gained. 
The pocket features classic 'comic-book style' super heroes such as Iron Man, spider-man, Captain America, The Hulk and Wolverine. Due to the size of the print the characters that show on each pocket vary and will only contain a couple.

This t-shirt features the yellow Star Wars logo repeated with the Galactic Empire symbol and the Rebel Alliance symbol. Pocket design may vary slightly.

All our pockets are sewn onto UNISEX Gildan soft style ring spun t-shirts and UNISEX Gildan Ultra Blend Jumper. All our t-shirts are available in Black, Grey and White and in sizes small to extra large.

Go visit our store here -
Like the Facebook page here -
Follow our Tumblr here -

 If you have any queries please contact me via the contact page on my store here -

You can also read the lovely articles written on our stores products from Fashionably Geek and Trend Hunter Fashion who were both amazing enough to take the time to feature us on their sites. 

Leave us a comment. What you would like to see on a pocket t-shirt? We are always looking to expand the store and our customers ideas and imagination are what makes the store bloom and grow like it has. 

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Photo diary #1

Starting 2013 (I'm a bit late but still) with a fresh new photo diary on this blog. Going to do it in a slightly different way I used to do 'My week in photos' post by not restricting it to just one week in particular and not restricting it to just instagram photos. 
Instagram - missellacronin

From left to right
-Getting my first tattoo done at Indelible Tattoos in Bournemouth. 
-My favourite t-shirt! Available from -
- I made a masterpiece in minecraft! 
-Filmed my first vlog on my you tube channel. If you missed my post about it you can check it out here
- Shameless selfy that is now my default picture for everything.
-Sedating myself with hot chocolate. 
-If me and Ant have children they are going to be trouble makers. 
-Order making as usual. Go grab your own pocket t-shirt from my online store using discount code 'TUMBLR' to get 15% off. 
-I tried to take this picture of Ant secretly but the shutter sound when off at the highest volume. Oops. 
-Finished reading Looking for Alaska by John Green which had me thoroughly in tears. Moved on to The Fault In Our Stars and I can already tell I'm going to be in tears by the end again. 
-Prepping for photo shoot. Blog post to come soon. 
-Welcome to my life! 
-My set up for the night, sketching is so therapeutic for me at the moment. 
-Bournemouth finally got its first bit of snow.
-I wish me and my natural hair had a better relationship. 
-Ant took his own photo and made me post it. Hair can be such a pain to draw.

You can follow me on instagram to keep up with my day to day photos - missellacronin

Monday, 14 January 2013

A tragic tale of Ella Cronin

So, after a lot of saying I would create a new YouTube channel and film some new videos I actually did it! Filmed with help and the equipment of Leah and Bradley of Chewymedia I created what was supposed to be a short, quick fire introduction video stating ten facts about me. Thanks to a bottle of wine that I had to myself it instead turned into me losing count and a lot of drunk rambling. 
Including quotes like 
" I wouldn't eat my cat... What the fuck?"
"Sand has magical powers" 

I'm wearing a mic so it's super professional, good quality and definitely worth a watch. 

Feel free to visit my YoTtube channel to subscribe, like and comment. If you do, know that you have donated one smile to Ella Cronin's face. 

Thank you for all the support and lovely messages I have had so far regarding my video. It's motivated me more than I can explain to carry on something I enjoy so much.