Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Models Own Pink Fizz Nail Polish

As a late birthday treat to myself I bought something I've been itching to try for a few weeks. I have only ever heard good things about Models Own nail polishes. I made a visit to my local Boots and without exaggerating, I must have stood at the counter for 30-45 minute trying to decide wich one I wanted. There was such a huge selction to chose from and being such an indecisive person it caused me a bit of trouble. In the end I went for the Mini Models Own nail polish set which had a selction of three polishes from it's Wonderland collection.

For this pretty set the damage to my purse was £8. Usually being a bit of a bargain hunter this seemed a bit steep for three small nail polishes but I was completely swayed by the recommendations I was given and in all honesty, I'm glad I was. Completely worth the extra few pounds compared to other rivals on the market.

Models Own lives up to it's high reviews. The usual problem I have with glitter nail polishes is that the glitter spreads out thinly on my nails meaning I have to do layer upon layer so it also takes so much longer to dry. I applied a clear base coat and when I tried Models Own nail polish in Pink Fizz the glitter spread out enough over my nail only leaving a few gaps. I could have got a way with one layer but I did a second layer to see how it looked and I was so pleased with the results!

It dried quicker than I had expected it to. I have become used to using Barry M nail polish which have tendency to take a while to dry and go soft, causing smudges which infuriate me and many other women I know. I haven't had deal with such anger inducing issues with Models Own. 

The big question obviously is how long does it last?/how quickly does it chip? Mine lasted perfectly for a good 3/4 days until I visited the forest last Sunday and managed to chip mine trying to get through trees. If you put several layers on like I did they will chip off in much larger and more noticeable chunks but I take that as a positive because it is a lot easier to get the rest of with nail polish remover. 

I had a go at trying to capture the sparkles with my new gif making skills. 

Overall I loved this product so much that I am going to be sticking with Models Own for my Nail Polish needs. You can see the full range of colours and all the different sets on the Models Own Site - http://www.modelsownit.com/

My favourite colour out of the set is the one you can see on the far right called Southern Lights which I will make a post for soon!

Be sure to ask me any questions in the comments and feel free to share your own experiences and thoughts on the quality of this brand.

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