Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Catch up photo diary

My posts have a been a bit scarce on this blog lately. Well, they haven't been happening at all. I feel like I have been struggling to get involved in the blogger community as a newbie. I have made a decision to post more personal things rather than just aiming to please everyone and to keep my posts much shorter and to the point. 
With that being said, here's a quick catch up of my life the last few weeks via instagram photos.
Instagram - missellacronin
Managed to earn enough money and make enough plans to go on a shop without feeling guilty.
Extra thick over the knee socks making me feel christmassy. I managed to drop my phone on my face whilst getting this picture causing a bit of a bruise. 
Me and Leah packed in like sardines in the back of Bradley s mini. Wasn't too sure if we were going to make it out alive.
Played about with the Heaven and Earth eye shadow palette from MUA. In love with the natural brown smokey eye effect meaning this is now my default picture for everything.
I never really do outfit posts but this is what I wore on my day tip back to my home city (london). It would be cool to know if anyone would like to see more outfit/lookbook posts from me on my blog?
Starbucks addict. The Praline Mocha is definitely my favourite off the Christmas menu. What is yours?
After a bad day at work Ant decided to seek comfort in my chest. Can't complain.

Thank you all for putting up with my unreliability. You can expect a lot more acticity from now on.
You can follow me on instagram to keep up with my day to day photos - missellacronin

Have a good week!

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