Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Catch up photo diary

My posts have a been a bit scarce on this blog lately. Well, they haven't been happening at all. I feel like I have been struggling to get involved in the blogger community as a newbie. I have made a decision to post more personal things rather than just aiming to please everyone and to keep my posts much shorter and to the point. 
With that being said, here's a quick catch up of my life the last few weeks via instagram photos.
Instagram - missellacronin
Managed to earn enough money and make enough plans to go on a shop without feeling guilty.
Extra thick over the knee socks making me feel christmassy. I managed to drop my phone on my face whilst getting this picture causing a bit of a bruise. 
Me and Leah packed in like sardines in the back of Bradley s mini. Wasn't too sure if we were going to make it out alive.
Played about with the Heaven and Earth eye shadow palette from MUA. In love with the natural brown smokey eye effect meaning this is now my default picture for everything.
I never really do outfit posts but this is what I wore on my day tip back to my home city (london). It would be cool to know if anyone would like to see more outfit/lookbook posts from me on my blog?
Starbucks addict. The Praline Mocha is definitely my favourite off the Christmas menu. What is yours?
After a bad day at work Ant decided to seek comfort in my chest. Can't complain.

Thank you all for putting up with my unreliability. You can expect a lot more acticity from now on.
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Have a good week!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Models Own Pink Fizz Nail Polish

As a late birthday treat to myself I bought something I've been itching to try for a few weeks. I have only ever heard good things about Models Own nail polishes. I made a visit to my local Boots and without exaggerating, I must have stood at the counter for 30-45 minute trying to decide wich one I wanted. There was such a huge selction to chose from and being such an indecisive person it caused me a bit of trouble. In the end I went for the Mini Models Own nail polish set which had a selction of three polishes from it's Wonderland collection.

For this pretty set the damage to my purse was £8. Usually being a bit of a bargain hunter this seemed a bit steep for three small nail polishes but I was completely swayed by the recommendations I was given and in all honesty, I'm glad I was. Completely worth the extra few pounds compared to other rivals on the market.

Models Own lives up to it's high reviews. The usual problem I have with glitter nail polishes is that the glitter spreads out thinly on my nails meaning I have to do layer upon layer so it also takes so much longer to dry. I applied a clear base coat and when I tried Models Own nail polish in Pink Fizz the glitter spread out enough over my nail only leaving a few gaps. I could have got a way with one layer but I did a second layer to see how it looked and I was so pleased with the results!

It dried quicker than I had expected it to. I have become used to using Barry M nail polish which have tendency to take a while to dry and go soft, causing smudges which infuriate me and many other women I know. I haven't had deal with such anger inducing issues with Models Own. 

The big question obviously is how long does it last?/how quickly does it chip? Mine lasted perfectly for a good 3/4 days until I visited the forest last Sunday and managed to chip mine trying to get through trees. If you put several layers on like I did they will chip off in much larger and more noticeable chunks but I take that as a positive because it is a lot easier to get the rest of with nail polish remover. 

I had a go at trying to capture the sparkles with my new gif making skills. 

Overall I loved this product so much that I am going to be sticking with Models Own for my Nail Polish needs. You can see the full range of colours and all the different sets on the Models Own Site -

My favourite colour out of the set is the one you can see on the far right called Southern Lights which I will make a post for soon!

Be sure to ask me any questions in the comments and feel free to share your own experiences and thoughts on the quality of this brand.

Sunday 11th November 2012

After spending the first 18 years of my life settled in London I have grown used to my quiet walks not really being so quiet. The closet thing I could find to woods was the dense trees at the local common that, quite frankly weren't somewhere you would want to enter on your own. My recent move to Bournemouth means I have seen some welcome changes in terms of scenery. 

Me, Ant, Bradley and Leah decided to visit Ringwood Forest for the first time. I brought Ant's camera along instead of my own as I'm going to be selling mine soon. I'm trying to detach myself from it so it won't be so painful when I send it to it's new home. I don't have much to say but I had such a lovely time. It was the biggest and quietest space that I had ever been in and it felt still and magical.

Click to see images larger
Photo of me taken by Bradley (Chewy Media)

The whole forest was filled with golds, browns and greens. I decided to keep most of my photos in colour to show how beautiful the colours are. Imagining this type of place covered in snow or siting around having picnics and drinks in the summer makes me smile. At one point I would absolutely love to do some photo shoots here.

Also made my first ever gif from my own photos with a lot of help from the guys. I'm a fan of it's subtlety more than anything.

I'll leave you with a bit of assassin creeping from me and Anthony Grey! gif made by Bradley (Chewy Media)

This day has inspired some filming ideas and plans have been talked about between four of us. Especially the idea of a Assassin Creed 3 inspired shoot using my boyfriends Connor Kenway  cos play. 

Let me know if you share the same love for forests as me! Do you have a favourite place that you like to visit?

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

My week in photos

Firstly, I want to apologise for the lack of original post on my blog lately. I've been really struggling for inspiration since I started this blog but through out the past week I've literally had no ideas. Due to personal issues relating to my Granddads health I've been pretty down. However, I'm picking myself and my mood up this week and have a few ideas for new posts so keep an eye out for those!
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From left to right
  1. First TARDIS Pocket Jumper made by popular demand and just in time for the cold weather. Only a few left so pick one up here.
  2. Couldn't sleep so I distracted myself by reading Game of Thrones on my Kindle. I still carry the picture I had of Ant when we were doing long distance.
  3. I really do love the wolf hoods I make so I keep sneaking them into photos. 
  4. Lazy day in a jumper and thigh highs.
  5. Hot chocolate with cream and tiny marshmallows in the morning. Yes please!
  6. Made my twitter look cute. If you don't already you can follow me -
  7. Ant sits far back enough so I can watch him play Assassins Creed from bed. Cutey. 
  8. Selfies galore this week. 
  9. Just before we went out for a look around town on Sunday.
  10. New products for my store also include TARDIS pocket vests! Up on the store soon.
  11. Thanks to Ant we now have a nice set up and better lighting to do small photo shoots. Got lots of new photos of my pocket t-shirts meaning I was able to revamp the store. Go check it out!
  12. I couldn't explain how cold I was so I took a picture hugging the tiny radiator instead. 
You can see all my photos on instagram - missellacronin
Thank you for reading and let me know what you think in the comments!