Monday, 15 October 2012

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

An emotional roller-coaster that doesn't let up and a relentless sense of nostalgia whether you can relate to the characters or not. It may just seem like another movie centred around teenage angst but just as the book promised it's much more than that. Set in the 1990's with a lot of music that my current generation might not know, It's a fresh new experience. One of which I fell in love with. One of the best birthday treats I could ask for.

A quick summary of the plot for those who have not read the book is that the story is based on a 15 year old boy name Charlie. A quiet outsider, a wallflower. He writes letters narrating his life to an anonymous friend. He explains that he's terrified of starting high school after losing his best friend the previous year. Through out the story we watch Charlie try and cope with finding somewhere he feels like he belongs, falling in love and his own slightly vague mental illness. Through out the movie we watch him experience the good and the bad elements of adolescence whilst making friends with some of the best people he has ever known. 

Anyone who has read the books will know that the stirring of emotions that this story causes is through the element of shock. The gradual build up of shock and heartache scene after scene is enough to make you feel on the verge of emotionally unstable. Its easy enough even for the hardest of people to sympathise with Charlie.

I might be biased for my love of this story due to the major and mature issues it targets of mental illness, sex, drugs, alcohol, bullying and sexual abuse or the fact that it includes one of my favourite songs (Asleep - The Smiths) but I can promise whether you fall in love with this story or not, it is so much more that a teen drama based on some shy kid. I was so glad to see it was worth that and more of all the hype surrounding it, a must see for all ages!

Favourite quote "I know there are people who say all these things don’t happen. I know these will all be stories someday, but right now we are alive. And in this moment, I swear we are infinite…”

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