Thursday, 11 October 2012

The e-cig revolution

Personal preference has always led me to enjoy the comfort and social aspect in smoking but not the taste of tobacco or the damaged it could do to my health. So when I was on a night out in a bar with my partner and we saw what appeared to be people smoking inside (which is against the law in the UK) we were understandably confused and more than curious. On closer inspection we saw they appeared to be smoking something electronic as blue light lit up when they were being used.

We spent the next afternoon being led by our curiosity and researching into nicotine free products and e-cigs when we discovered a product called Eshish. We had found a tobacco, nicotine and tar free product in five tempting flavours with a simple and stylish design that was legal to use in doors. It seemed too good to be real so my partner bought a strawberry flavoured Ehish and I bought the Luli.

Luli is one of many new and upcoming e-cigs from Vapelux. The difference between this and the Eshish is that it has been designed with the female market in mind and that's made quite clear by it mainly pink design and patterned style. The Luli is also designed a lot slimmer and more light weight than it's sister products. Overall the look of Luli is aimed to be one of elegance and classiness.

Each Luli gives up to 200 puffs and comes in a attractive and cute box containing three slim e-cigs. Each Luli comes with it's own unique pattern which is aesthetically pleasing and means if you're a more of a visual person like myself and get bored easily you can swap between designs. Instead of tar, nicotine and harmful toxins The Luli creates a harmless flavoured vapour. Of which the flavours are Champagne, French Vanilla and Bubblegum.

I've been testing out the bubblegum flavoured Luli myself this week. The taste and smell is very subtle, not an over powering scent that hangs around too long. The vapour produced is fairly thick and noticeable but acts as any normal cigarette smoke or vapour would. I've been using The Luli regularly for 4 days now and still haven't finished 200 puffs from one of them. 600 puffs between all three is going to last me quite a while so definitely seems worth the money. One of my favourite things about The Luli is it's gorgeous crytal tip that lights up purple when you take a puff, great for use on nights out!

Overall I highly recommend this product along with the Strawberry flavoured Eshish. Whether your just curious or want something to share with your friends on a night out. They are great fun and a conversation starter with no risk to your health. Not to mention the fact that they are incredibly cute! Can't wait to take mine out with me this weekend for my birthday.

You can purchase Luli from here. If you have any more questions about this product be sure to leave a comment.


  1. This is very interesting for me, because I'm an ex-smoker. I've always enjoyed the act of smoking, but not so much the horrible smell and damage it can do.

    I'm wondering if you'd experienced any effects like a tight chest or a cough because of this?

    1. I haven't experienced any issues with it since I started using it. It doesn't cause me to cough at all and I only get a tight chest due to panic attacks :)

  2. This is brilliant! I'm the same as you, I enjoy the social aspect, not so much the health risks! Might have to have a look into it.
    Ami x

    1. Yeah, the only time I have ever smoked is when I'm in a group with firends so this offers a really nice alternative :)

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  4. Hello Ella. I am trying to find the Luli e cigs online and cannot find them anywhere. Do you know if they are discontinued?


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