Tuesday, 30 October 2012

My week in photos

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From left to right

  1. Started of the week catching up with orders for The Bambee Store. Creating a mess on my side of the desk as usual. 
  2. Started working on the wolf hoods. I made these cute little ears first from my own template. 
  3. Broke the needle on my sewing machine but got a picture with the unfinished hood anyway. I look so worn out in that photo. 
  4. Birthday present from mum arrived in the post in the form of  a cat all-in-one to keep me warm in the flat and a little gift to myself in the form of a floral jumper. 
  5. Got the first practise wolf hood completely finished. The hoods are up for pre order here. They are being made to order.
  6. I was having a good day so another shameless selfy for everyone. 
  7. Went back to London for the first time in a few months last weekend and the first thing I did was get cuddles with my little princess cat. (Her names Dumbledore)
  8. Mum gave me a big selection of my favourite chocolates. 
  9. First day at MCM Expo (London Comic-con). I didn't take many pictures myself because I was doing a Black Cat cos-play so my gloves restricted much use of my phone. Lots of people asked for photos of me which was flattering and loads of fun but I am yet to see them pop up any where yet. BUT I got to play the latest Tomb Raider game which isn't out till March and loved it. Wasn't too keen on  some of the physics and the jumping but other than that I can't wait for it!
  10. We made a last minute decision to got to MCM on Sunday also. Tania and Ant in the queue whilst we waited to meet Rooster Teeth. 
  11. Me with our signed Grifball. I was still pretty giddy at this point. 
  12. And right back round to the beginning. Starting of the week with catching up on orders.

I also felt I should throw in these photos from this weekend as well. Me and Ant basically met two of our favourite people - Gavin and Geoff from Rooster Teeth. They are absolute legends and my favourite channel on YouTube  If you don't know who they are or haven't seen their videos I highly recommend checking them out especially if you are a Minecraft fan. Their Minecraft let's plays have me in fits of laughter every time. 

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Thank you for reading and let me know what you think in the comments! 


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    1. Thank you so much! I just checked out your blog and it instantly became one of my favourites! I love how cute you, your style and your blog are. x

  2. I love the cat romper!

    Ella, you know I love you and your blog. I mean it's not weird at all that you have an American stalker right!? Ha! Anyways, I thought your adorable little British self deserved the Liebster Award, so I gave you one! You can check it out here: http://maplessandrumless.blogspot.com/2012/11/liebster-award.html

    1. Awww thank you! I'll try and do the post soon, just not sure who else I would tag in the post yet though! I still feel really new to blogspot ha :) x