Monday, 22 October 2012

My week in photos

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From left to right

  1. Being quite a big movie fanatic I asked to go to the cinema on my birthday and I got to see The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I had read the book and was filled with anticipation as we waited to go in and see it. Another perfect birthday treat. You can see my blog post about it here. 
  2. Winter is coming and although it's not the right house the Targaryen house is my favourite and on a cold day soup in this mug is absolutely perfect. 
  3. I got the boy a late birthday/anniversary gift. Ron's deluminator collectible which I was very impressed with. 
  4. I was up late one night reading and I can't go to sleep mid way through a chapter. I have to read till the end of the chapter. I got to the end and was finally going to go to sleep when I saw the first chapter of my favourite character crop up. Safe to say I didn't sleep enough. 
  5. Favourite drink at the moment is Pink Lemonade Lucozade. Tastes like heaven and as far as I know is available at Asda.
  6. The highlight of my week was having my Disco Pant Dupes come in the mail as a late birthday present from my mother. If you want to see more pictures and read my blog post about them you can here
  7. Trying to get back to my creative side and had a go at an early morning drawing of an eye. It wasn't completely finished here but I was pleased with it. 
  8. First outfit I had put together with my birthday presents. Disco Pants, Leather Jacket with fur collar and Stag hand bag. 
  9. My order of fur came in the mail. My plan is to hand make some beautiful winter wolf hoods related to dire wolfs. There should be a blog post on them soon and they will be up for sale not on my store but on my new store Miilkshake. 
  10. Was on skype with my mum discussing tattoos I could get and my beautiful cat walked up to the screen and started meowing at me. 
  11. A trip to Southampton on a chilly day also required a lovely hot chocolate from Starbucks. It's definitely that time of the year again. 
  12. Me, Ant, Leah and Brad decided to take a trip to the top floor of a parking block and it was completely empty. 
  13. Bit of a shameless selfy whist laying about watching a movie with Ant, Brad and Leah. 
  14. The next day we had a bit of a photo shoot in our cosplay outfits and they got some amazing shots of us both but especially Ant as spider-man. 
  15. These last two photos aren't from instagram but I put them in there to take up space. Whenever me and Ant try to get good photos we just end up like this. 
  16. Another photo from the shoot. Getting some advertising in for the pocket t-shirts which are still on sale here.
You can see all my photos on instagram - missellacronin
Thank you for reading and let me know what you think in the comments! 


  1. How much are the dire wolf hoods going to be? Kind of want one rather badlyyy

  2. I am yet to be able to say how much the wolf hoods will be. When I have fully completed one and been able to calculate the costs I will put them up for sale with the price.

  3. I love these little blog posts full of your instagram photos ^_^ hahaha daww you and ant are the most perfect couple everr :'P :D sorry i didnt get the chance to come and visit when i was around ! i was there for short period for my friends work :P we need to plan dayy together :D i saw your wolf hood- like omg<33 they look better than the shops!!

    1. Haha aww thankyou Cristina! Yeah I thought you might have only been their short while :) Give me a text when you're free sand we can arrange something :) xx