Monday, 15 October 2012

My week in photos (two)

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From left to right. 

One - The boyfriend on his birthday drinking milk from one of my birthday gifts. Stark sigil mug (Game of Thrones).

Two - Another photo of the boyfriend on his birthday. Got him a Krispy Kreme doughnut as a replacement birthday cake till we had our birthday weekend. 

Three - Had a bit of torture this week. Had birthday presents and cards sat around all week till my birthday. 

Four - Iron studs and iPhone 4 cases finally arrived. Meaning some DIY was done for products to go up on my store. Unfortunately the cases weren't completely successful meaning I have to try out some new studs. 

Five - Received an early birthday present from my birthday present from the boyfriend. A mockingjay pin replica. Absolutely love it. 

Six -Did a whole bunch of orders for the The Bambee Store. As usual a lot of TARDIS pocket t-shirts and a nebula pocket Jumper! 

Seven - First birthday away from everyone I know in London but I skyped one of my best friends on the birthday evening and she was there when I opened gifts. The little things. 

Eight - Got my hair cut this weekend for my birthday into a bit of an asymmetrical cut. Sorry I ignored everyone's advice to go with a bob. (I'm not that sorry).

Nine - One of the big gifts I received on my birthday was a Kindle. Again from Mr Perfect (Anthony). Spent the morning getting The game of thrones series on it. Bit annoyed I can't put them in the right order though. 

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  1. Wait a minute! Are you both October babies? So are me and my mister, but we're both scorpios! Anyways...happy birthday!

    1. We are! Our birthdays are 6 days apart and we're both Libras :D Thank you lovely! x

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