Thursday, 25 October 2012

Coming soon to my store

With winter well on it's way I have had a few ideas hidden away for new and needed products on my store. I really wanted to expand from just pocket t-shirts. Despite how much I love them I really wanted to put my skills to the test and see if I could provide more.

The first thing I have been working on this week is studded iPhone 5 cases. A little DIY project consisting of slim snap on matte black iPhone 5 cases and studs. After a bit of practise I developed a technique to get the studs on straight and secure without making a mess.

Limited stock. Available to purchase here -

My second product that I have been working on and have especially been excited about is the wolf hoods! I completed my first practise hood this week and was so pleased with the outcome.
These cute little hats are perfect for keeping warm in winter.

This colour of wolf hood is available for pre order this evening at 11.00 London time -

One last thing. Our store might be moving over and joining MIILKSHAKE, another online store that my partner runs selling wall stickers/decals.

Go and follow and like the facebook page to  keep up to date with the latest news on both our products. 

Be ready to bid farewell to The Bambee Store name but not it's products, we are still going to carry on making little handmade items for our customers!

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