Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Birthday Wishlist

The first day of October is usually something I dread, only because it reminds me that my birthday is exactly two weeks away. The inevitable question of "What do you want?" is what I fear most about the run up. I'm not one for being made a massive fuss over and I never know quite how to react when given a gift. So this year to make it all a bit easier I made a birthday wishlist on Amazon for friends, family and anyone who is generally interested. Making your wishlist public and having a delivery address means that friends and family are able to see what your after and buy and ship it to you in a fairly simple process.

My full birthday wishlist on amazon can be found here. I've picked my top nine to blog about explaining why they would make perfect birthday gifts this year.

I'm completely in love with reading as it is one of the few things that can actually relax me but I always preferred  and old fashioned book compared to the idea of an e-reader. I gave the latest kindle a little test out on a display at the local Tesco and did struggle with this kindle more than the Kindle touch and was pretty set on the touch until I researched a bit more and discovered the long term struggles I would have with the fiddly touch screen. With a bit of convincing and prior researched I settled with the cheaper and more manageable Kindle. 

Two - Fur Collar Quilted Jacket (Topshop)
If you know me well enough you'll know I have been lusting over this jacket for some time. I eyed it up every time I visited Topshop before finally trying it on and it fitted perfectly. Quite desperately in need of new jacket for winter but not having £58 to spare I decided to wait it out.

I never used to be a big tea drinker or even a hot drink lover if I'm honest. So not having a mug was never an issue until I moved to Bournemouth and my intake of tea and especially hot chocolate increased. I just thought this mug with my favourite house from the frankly amazing Game of Thrones series would enhance my experience.

Four - Maddy Stag Across Body (Accessorize
This bag caught my eye when I was having a lazy day browsing the web and I fell in love with both this version and the more expensive Doctor Sarah Stag bag which is also on my full wish list. I was drawn to it for my love of all things deer, stag and antler related. In my eyes it just seems perfect. 

Thinking back I have probably only ever worn false eye lashes once and they were the over top halloween/dress up kind. My newly sparked love for Katy Perry has made me want to try these lashes out but I never feel I would have a big enough occasion to wear them therefore I never end up buying them. Definitely would fancy trying them out and wearing them for my birthday.

Eshish is a brand me and my boyfriend (Anthony Grey) discovered when we wanted to try herbal cigarettes but mostly found they had bad reviews and probably weren't going to be worth the money. Whilst searching we stumbled across Eshish which we immediately researched into and discovered that it is a portable shisha smoking device which contains no tar and no carbon monoxide that regular herbal cigarettes contain. Perfect for the night out on my birthday.

This item on my wish list sits in the cloud in my brain filed under wishful thinking. Been after a macbook for a while now and have even tried saving up for one to no avail. It's something I wont be expecting but I can dream! 

Eight - Millicent Stud Black Boots (Topshop)
I wore down my last pair of ankle boots till they had a hole in sole. Left me nothing but converse and old pair of Doc Martins to wear as comfy shoes and with winter on its way a nice pair of studded ankle boots would be very well loved and well worn with my winter outfits.

Nine - Boohoo Disco Pants 
Another item I have been dying to try is the AA disco pants but I couldn't justify the cost of the real ones so I've been keeping up to date with the reasonably priced fake versions. I know longer have a pair of jeans and the only pair of trouser I have are a tartan print so a plain pair of skinny well fitting pants or leggings are something I'm in need of at the moment. 


  1. Hi! I found your blog via Tumblr :) I can see that you're new to Blogger, looking forward to more posts from you!

    My birthday is on November so I better start making a wishlist as well. Advanced Happy Birthday, dear! <3

    - Gia http://www.lovelyserendipity.com

    1. Hey!
      I am completely new and still a bit shaky, but it's definitely a work in progress and I can't wait to get some more posts up and refine the look of my blog.

      The amazon wishlist is so handy! Thank you lovely! xx

  2. Welcome to blogspot my dear ^_^<3 cant wait for you to post alot of things on here!! Why the heck didnt you have one before D:

    1. Eep, hey lovely!

      No idea, I used to have one for media because we would have to do our coursework as blog posts and I think it tainted the idea of blogspot for me for a bit ha x

    Can we please be friends? Don't worry about being shaky at blogging, it is like the most addictive thing and before you know it you will be spilling all your secrets and dirty details of your life to it.

    - - - - -

    1. Awww of course we can be friends! I might have to break your heart and let you know that the hair you see in my picture is a wig haha. My natural hair is short and brunette and boring :(

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