Tuesday, 30 October 2012

My week in photos

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From left to right

  1. Started of the week catching up with orders for The Bambee Store. Creating a mess on my side of the desk as usual. 
  2. Started working on the wolf hoods. I made these cute little ears first from my own template. 
  3. Broke the needle on my sewing machine but got a picture with the unfinished hood anyway. I look so worn out in that photo. 
  4. Birthday present from mum arrived in the post in the form of  a cat all-in-one to keep me warm in the flat and a little gift to myself in the form of a floral jumper. 
  5. Got the first practise wolf hood completely finished. The hoods are up for pre order here. They are being made to order.
  6. I was having a good day so another shameless selfy for everyone. 
  7. Went back to London for the first time in a few months last weekend and the first thing I did was get cuddles with my little princess cat. (Her names Dumbledore)
  8. Mum gave me a big selection of my favourite chocolates. 
  9. First day at MCM Expo (London Comic-con). I didn't take many pictures myself because I was doing a Black Cat cos-play so my gloves restricted much use of my phone. Lots of people asked for photos of me which was flattering and loads of fun but I am yet to see them pop up any where yet. BUT I got to play the latest Tomb Raider game which isn't out till March and loved it. Wasn't too keen on  some of the physics and the jumping but other than that I can't wait for it!
  10. We made a last minute decision to got to MCM on Sunday also. Tania and Ant in the queue whilst we waited to meet Rooster Teeth. 
  11. Me with our signed Grifball. I was still pretty giddy at this point. 
  12. And right back round to the beginning. Starting of the week with catching up on orders.

I also felt I should throw in these photos from this weekend as well. Me and Ant basically met two of our favourite people - Gavin and Geoff from Rooster Teeth. They are absolute legends and my favourite channel on YouTube  If you don't know who they are or haven't seen their videos I highly recommend checking them out especially if you are a Minecraft fan. Their Minecraft let's plays have me in fits of laughter every time. 

You can see all my photos on instagram - missellacronin
Thank you for reading and let me know what you think in the comments! 

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Coming soon to my store

With winter well on it's way I have had a few ideas hidden away for new and needed products on my store. I really wanted to expand from just pocket t-shirts. Despite how much I love them I really wanted to put my skills to the test and see if I could provide more.

The first thing I have been working on this week is studded iPhone 5 cases. A little DIY project consisting of slim snap on matte black iPhone 5 cases and studs. After a bit of practise I developed a technique to get the studs on straight and secure without making a mess.

Limited stock. Available to purchase here - http://thebambeestore.bigcartel.com/

My second product that I have been working on and have especially been excited about is the wolf hoods! I completed my first practise hood this week and was so pleased with the outcome.
These cute little hats are perfect for keeping warm in winter.

This colour of wolf hood is available for pre order this evening at 11.00 London time -  http://thebambeestore.bigcartel.com/

One last thing. Our store might be moving over and joining MIILKSHAKE, another online store that my partner runs selling wall stickers/decals.

Go and follow http://miilkshakeblog.tumblr.com/ and like the facebook page to  keep up to date with the latest news on both our products. 

Be ready to bid farewell to The Bambee Store name but not it's products, we are still going to carry on making little handmade items for our customers!

Monday, 22 October 2012

My week in photos

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From left to right

  1. Being quite a big movie fanatic I asked to go to the cinema on my birthday and I got to see The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I had read the book and was filled with anticipation as we waited to go in and see it. Another perfect birthday treat. You can see my blog post about it here. 
  2. Winter is coming and although it's not the right house the Targaryen house is my favourite and on a cold day soup in this mug is absolutely perfect. 
  3. I got the boy a late birthday/anniversary gift. Ron's deluminator collectible which I was very impressed with. 
  4. I was up late one night reading and I can't go to sleep mid way through a chapter. I have to read till the end of the chapter. I got to the end and was finally going to go to sleep when I saw the first chapter of my favourite character crop up. Safe to say I didn't sleep enough. 
  5. Favourite drink at the moment is Pink Lemonade Lucozade. Tastes like heaven and as far as I know is available at Asda.
  6. The highlight of my week was having my Disco Pant Dupes come in the mail as a late birthday present from my mother. If you want to see more pictures and read my blog post about them you can here
  7. Trying to get back to my creative side and had a go at an early morning drawing of an eye. It wasn't completely finished here but I was pleased with it. 
  8. First outfit I had put together with my birthday presents. Disco Pants, Leather Jacket with fur collar and Stag hand bag. 
  9. My order of fur came in the mail. My plan is to hand make some beautiful winter wolf hoods related to dire wolfs. There should be a blog post on them soon and they will be up for sale not on my store but on my new store Miilkshake. 
  10. Was on skype with my mum discussing tattoos I could get and my beautiful cat walked up to the screen and started meowing at me. 
  11. A trip to Southampton on a chilly day also required a lovely hot chocolate from Starbucks. It's definitely that time of the year again. 
  12. Me, Ant, Leah and Brad decided to take a trip to the top floor of a parking block and it was completely empty. 
  13. Bit of a shameless selfy whist laying about watching a movie with Ant, Brad and Leah. 
  14. The next day we had a bit of a photo shoot in our cosplay outfits and they got some amazing shots of us both but especially Ant as spider-man. 
  15. These last two photos aren't from instagram but I put them in there to take up space. Whenever me and Ant try to get good photos we just end up like this. 
  16. Another photo from the shoot. Getting some advertising in for the pocket t-shirts which are still on sale here.
You can see all my photos on instagram - missellacronin
Thank you for reading and let me know what you think in the comments! 

Friday, 19 October 2012

Quality Disco Pant Dupes from Glamorous UK

You know how everyone goes on about THE must have items in your wardrobe for winter? Well The American Apparel coveted Disco Pants have been a highly hyped item for a while now.

When I first saw photos of people wearing them I was incredibly envious and went on a search only to find the pocket hole burning price they are sold for at £70! No matter how much I love a pair of trousers there is no way I could justify that price on a pair. Even if it was an "investment piece" as described.

Luckily the trend hasn't died down giving a enough time for the cheaper brands to make copies and when I spotted that Glamouros UK had done nearly spot on copies for the less horrific price of 30 quid they were straight on my wish list and I received them as a birthday present from my lovely mum.

It's easy enough for me to say they are my favourite item n my wardrobe now and here are the reasons why.

These pants are made with 90% acrylic and 10% elastane giving the spandex like effect that pulls you in. Taking in the less flattering parts creating slim fitting look. I usually have issues with any type of trouser not fitting properly around my waist and usually having a gaping gap at the back. These literally fit me like a glove and are so comfortable. I can sit in them all day getting chores done and getting a sewing done for my store.

The detailing like the back pockets and front zipper and button make you feel a lot more comfortable in them and make you think of them much more as trousers then just a pair of 'thick leggings'. Slightly cheaper copies of disco pants from other sites such as Missguided don't feature this detailing so even though they are the cheapest version I would feel a lot less comfortable in them.

For the quality of these they are more than worth the price. They come in purple, royal blue, pewter, charcoal, gold and noir. (The pair I am wearing in the photos are charcoal).With winter coming these are the perfect pair of trousers for going out everyday or for the evening accompanied with a pendulum top and lots of jewellery. 

You can purchase these Disco Pant dupes here and take a look at the Disco Shorts that I might be getting my hands on very soon. Sorry paypal account! 

I am a size 8 but I would recommend ordering one size up. I received a size 10 and it's fits perfectly. My actual size 8 would have been too small. 

So what do you think? Would you rather spend a large sum of money on the real thing or getter a cheaper and still good enough quality version?

Monday, 15 October 2012

My week in photos (two)

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From left to right. 

One - The boyfriend on his birthday drinking milk from one of my birthday gifts. Stark sigil mug (Game of Thrones).

Two - Another photo of the boyfriend on his birthday. Got him a Krispy Kreme doughnut as a replacement birthday cake till we had our birthday weekend. 

Three - Had a bit of torture this week. Had birthday presents and cards sat around all week till my birthday. 

Four - Iron studs and iPhone 4 cases finally arrived. Meaning some DIY was done for products to go up on my store. Unfortunately the cases weren't completely successful meaning I have to try out some new studs. 

Five - Received an early birthday present from my birthday present from the boyfriend. A mockingjay pin replica. Absolutely love it. 

Six -Did a whole bunch of orders for the The Bambee Store. As usual a lot of TARDIS pocket t-shirts and a nebula pocket Jumper! 

Seven - First birthday away from everyone I know in London but I skyped one of my best friends on the birthday evening and she was there when I opened gifts. The little things. 

Eight - Got my hair cut this weekend for my birthday into a bit of an asymmetrical cut. Sorry I ignored everyone's advice to go with a bob. (I'm not that sorry).

Nine - One of the big gifts I received on my birthday was a Kindle. Again from Mr Perfect (Anthony). Spent the morning getting The game of thrones series on it. Bit annoyed I can't put them in the right order though. 

You can see all my photos on my instagram - missellacronin 

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

An emotional roller-coaster that doesn't let up and a relentless sense of nostalgia whether you can relate to the characters or not. It may just seem like another movie centred around teenage angst but just as the book promised it's much more than that. Set in the 1990's with a lot of music that my current generation might not know, It's a fresh new experience. One of which I fell in love with. One of the best birthday treats I could ask for.

A quick summary of the plot for those who have not read the book is that the story is based on a 15 year old boy name Charlie. A quiet outsider, a wallflower. He writes letters narrating his life to an anonymous friend. He explains that he's terrified of starting high school after losing his best friend the previous year. Through out the story we watch Charlie try and cope with finding somewhere he feels like he belongs, falling in love and his own slightly vague mental illness. Through out the movie we watch him experience the good and the bad elements of adolescence whilst making friends with some of the best people he has ever known. 

Anyone who has read the books will know that the stirring of emotions that this story causes is through the element of shock. The gradual build up of shock and heartache scene after scene is enough to make you feel on the verge of emotionally unstable. Its easy enough even for the hardest of people to sympathise with Charlie.

I might be biased for my love of this story due to the major and mature issues it targets of mental illness, sex, drugs, alcohol, bullying and sexual abuse or the fact that it includes one of my favourite songs (Asleep - The Smiths) but I can promise whether you fall in love with this story or not, it is so much more that a teen drama based on some shy kid. I was so glad to see it was worth that and more of all the hype surrounding it, a must see for all ages!

Favourite quote "I know there are people who say all these things don’t happen. I know these will all be stories someday, but right now we are alive. And in this moment, I swear we are infinite…”

Thursday, 11 October 2012

The e-cig revolution

Personal preference has always led me to enjoy the comfort and social aspect in smoking but not the taste of tobacco or the damaged it could do to my health. So when I was on a night out in a bar with my partner and we saw what appeared to be people smoking inside (which is against the law in the UK) we were understandably confused and more than curious. On closer inspection we saw they appeared to be smoking something electronic as blue light lit up when they were being used.

We spent the next afternoon being led by our curiosity and researching into nicotine free products and e-cigs when we discovered a product called Eshish. We had found a tobacco, nicotine and tar free product in five tempting flavours with a simple and stylish design that was legal to use in doors. It seemed too good to be real so my partner bought a strawberry flavoured Ehish and I bought the Luli.

Luli is one of many new and upcoming e-cigs from Vapelux. The difference between this and the Eshish is that it has been designed with the female market in mind and that's made quite clear by it mainly pink design and patterned style. The Luli is also designed a lot slimmer and more light weight than it's sister products. Overall the look of Luli is aimed to be one of elegance and classiness.

Each Luli gives up to 200 puffs and comes in a attractive and cute box containing three slim e-cigs. Each Luli comes with it's own unique pattern which is aesthetically pleasing and means if you're a more of a visual person like myself and get bored easily you can swap between designs. Instead of tar, nicotine and harmful toxins The Luli creates a harmless flavoured vapour. Of which the flavours are Champagne, French Vanilla and Bubblegum.

I've been testing out the bubblegum flavoured Luli myself this week. The taste and smell is very subtle, not an over powering scent that hangs around too long. The vapour produced is fairly thick and noticeable but acts as any normal cigarette smoke or vapour would. I've been using The Luli regularly for 4 days now and still haven't finished 200 puffs from one of them. 600 puffs between all three is going to last me quite a while so definitely seems worth the money. One of my favourite things about The Luli is it's gorgeous crytal tip that lights up purple when you take a puff, great for use on nights out!

Overall I highly recommend this product along with the Strawberry flavoured Eshish. Whether your just curious or want something to share with your friends on a night out. They are great fun and a conversation starter with no risk to your health. Not to mention the fact that they are incredibly cute! Can't wait to take mine out with me this weekend for my birthday.

You can purchase Luli from here. If you have any more questions about this product be sure to leave a comment.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

My (first) week in photos

I've been trying to come up with things to post about on this new blog so I did a little research and found out a lot of people do a regular 'my week in photos' post, so I thought I'd give it a  go using my instagram photos from the past week.

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From left to right.

  1. Got a little treat from the boyfriend in the form of a Krispy Kreme doughnut.
  2. Been a bit of a busy week for The Bambee Store. Been getting out pre-orders and recent orders for the TARDIS pocket t-shirts.
  3. Self photo. Winter is coming so the wolf hood is back on. I also hate the quality of the front camera on my iPhone 4.
  4. Started playing around with new fabric for The Bambee Store. Featuring cute little deer, foxes, owls and rabbits. 
  5. Got a bit cheeky and made myself one of my own products. The very first Bambee t-shirt. 
  6. Ant couldn't wait any longer for one of his birthday presents so I let him open The Doctor Who season 1-4 box set early. 
  7. Was going through my little memory box  and found a mall amount of the train tickets to and from Bournemouth when me and Ant were living apart. Nearly a year and we're living together and train tickets are no longer an issue. 
  8. Hadn't done any drawings or paintings in a while so I started work on a self portrait and used a blending tool for the first time. It looked better upside down as usual. 
  9. On Saturday morning I woke up to lots of packages but this one made my day by far. It was an item off my wishlist that someone had bought for me and at the time I didn't know who. Later on i found it it was the lovely Vickiie who has been a frequent customer of The Bambee Store and is genuinely amazing. I'm yet to meet her which makes this gesture so lovely!
  10. Today I'm feeling a bit low and missing a lot of my friends. Ant told me to get into some joggers and a comfy jumper (our flat is freezing!) and he went to make me some hot chocolate which he put in my cute Eeyore mug. He is simply wonderful.
You can see all my photos on instagram - missellacronin

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Introducing The Bambee Store

Some of you may know that I run an online store but some of you may not so this is going to be a little introduction for you all.

The Bambee Store is something I have been planning since I was in college. I always wanted to run an online shop selling little handmade bits and my art. It originally started out with the idea of selling bow ties when I found that good quality bow ties were difficult to find in the UK in a variety of colours. However, bow ties weren't as popular as I thought they would be and were a bit too complex for me when I was starting out. 

So, I ordered some fabric I found online which I fell in love with, with the idea to sew them onto t-shirts. Pocket t-shirts aren't the most original idea as I am well aware but I hadn't seen anyone do them aimed at the "fandoms". So the TARDIS pocket t-shirts came to be. 

I started with a small batch of Pocket T-shirts which sold out in the first night of them being on sale so I decided to order a much larger batch of fabric and open a pre-order for those who were so keen. A lot orders built up I am glad to say but my desk ended up covered in pockets prepped to go on t-shirts.

After getting the pre-orders out I started work on the newest fabric (my personal favourite). I wanted something that was related to the store name and logo which was based on my love for dears and stags. I stumbled across the cutest wildlife print and had to snap it up and get it on a t-shirt. I was a little bit cheeky and made one for myself.

The Bambee store is a constant work in progress and as the orders come in and the more I get to make them my confidence grows and I really love working on them. 

You can find and order from The Bambee Store here - http://thebambeestore.bigcartel.com/
And like and follow the Facebook and Tumblr to keep up to date with new products. Future products include studded iPhone 5 cases and handmade wolf hoods! 

Feel free to ask me any questions you have via comments or the contact option on the store. 

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Birthday Wishlist

The first day of October is usually something I dread, only because it reminds me that my birthday is exactly two weeks away. The inevitable question of "What do you want?" is what I fear most about the run up. I'm not one for being made a massive fuss over and I never know quite how to react when given a gift. So this year to make it all a bit easier I made a birthday wishlist on Amazon for friends, family and anyone who is generally interested. Making your wishlist public and having a delivery address means that friends and family are able to see what your after and buy and ship it to you in a fairly simple process.

My full birthday wishlist on amazon can be found here. I've picked my top nine to blog about explaining why they would make perfect birthday gifts this year.

I'm completely in love with reading as it is one of the few things that can actually relax me but I always preferred  and old fashioned book compared to the idea of an e-reader. I gave the latest kindle a little test out on a display at the local Tesco and did struggle with this kindle more than the Kindle touch and was pretty set on the touch until I researched a bit more and discovered the long term struggles I would have with the fiddly touch screen. With a bit of convincing and prior researched I settled with the cheaper and more manageable Kindle. 

Two - Fur Collar Quilted Jacket (Topshop)
If you know me well enough you'll know I have been lusting over this jacket for some time. I eyed it up every time I visited Topshop before finally trying it on and it fitted perfectly. Quite desperately in need of new jacket for winter but not having £58 to spare I decided to wait it out.

I never used to be a big tea drinker or even a hot drink lover if I'm honest. So not having a mug was never an issue until I moved to Bournemouth and my intake of tea and especially hot chocolate increased. I just thought this mug with my favourite house from the frankly amazing Game of Thrones series would enhance my experience.

Four - Maddy Stag Across Body (Accessorize
This bag caught my eye when I was having a lazy day browsing the web and I fell in love with both this version and the more expensive Doctor Sarah Stag bag which is also on my full wish list. I was drawn to it for my love of all things deer, stag and antler related. In my eyes it just seems perfect. 

Thinking back I have probably only ever worn false eye lashes once and they were the over top halloween/dress up kind. My newly sparked love for Katy Perry has made me want to try these lashes out but I never feel I would have a big enough occasion to wear them therefore I never end up buying them. Definitely would fancy trying them out and wearing them for my birthday.

Eshish is a brand me and my boyfriend (Anthony Grey) discovered when we wanted to try herbal cigarettes but mostly found they had bad reviews and probably weren't going to be worth the money. Whilst searching we stumbled across Eshish which we immediately researched into and discovered that it is a portable shisha smoking device which contains no tar and no carbon monoxide that regular herbal cigarettes contain. Perfect for the night out on my birthday.

This item on my wish list sits in the cloud in my brain filed under wishful thinking. Been after a macbook for a while now and have even tried saving up for one to no avail. It's something I wont be expecting but I can dream! 

Eight - Millicent Stud Black Boots (Topshop)
I wore down my last pair of ankle boots till they had a hole in sole. Left me nothing but converse and old pair of Doc Martins to wear as comfy shoes and with winter on its way a nice pair of studded ankle boots would be very well loved and well worn with my winter outfits.

Nine - Boohoo Disco Pants 
Another item I have been dying to try is the AA disco pants but I couldn't justify the cost of the real ones so I've been keeping up to date with the reasonably priced fake versions. I know longer have a pair of jeans and the only pair of trouser I have are a tartan print so a plain pair of skinny well fitting pants or leggings are something I'm in need of at the moment.